Psychic Access Review

Incorporated in February 2005, Psychic Access is a small psychic network with about 65 psychics in their community. However, based on our review, we would say LESS IS MORE, because their psychics are verified and accuracy tested. You can have your reading by phone, video chat no matter where you are on the planet.

Verified Psychics

All psychics are required to verify their identities by providing Psychic Access with a copy of a government issued photo ID, so that when you see a photo of a psychic on their site, you can be certain you are getting the real deal.

In addition, there is a video introduction for each psychic. You can see their face, listen to their voice before you talk to them. Psychic reading is just like any other traditional businesses, integrity is the backbone of Psychic Access.

psychic access video introduction
Through video introduction, you will have direct feeling with a psychic.

Accuracy Tested Psychics

Psychic Access thoroughly screen all applicants to ensure top-notch quality. Each prospective psychic is required to perform one or more readings for their hiring staff, consisting of highly trained psychics. If the reading meets their high standards, the applicant is then interviewed. The interview process is by no means a simple one and may take anywhere from one to two hours to complete. Their staff digs deeply to ascertain the level of talent the psychic possesses and they must also judge whether they’d be a good match for Psychic Access.

According to their screening process, around one in eight (1/8) applicants make it to the interview stage, and out of that bunch, only one in twenty (1/20) are hired. Moreover, each applicant’s work history is meticulously checked and his/her proficiency with spelling and grammar is scrutinized through the information they provide. So you can see why they only have more than 60 psychics in the team.

Video Chat Reading

Psychic Access has public chat rooms for free (for registered user only. Register here if you don’t have a free account yet). When you find a psychic you like, you can initiate a private reading by phone or video chat.

For many people out of North America, we recommend video chat reading, where what you need is a computer with speaker, microphone and internet access. You don’t need a web cam, because you can see your psychic whereas they can’t see you.

Free 6 Minutes Reading

When you sign up an account with Psychic Access, you will get this free offer. You can talk to any psychics available. For paid reading, their price is really affordable. The following is part of their psychics.

psychic access psychics


Psychic Access is not as large as their competitors, but they stand out by their unique screening process and accuracy test. Also their video chat reading is very convenient for many customers with a computer from any corner around the world.