Psychic Jean Review: Most Rated Psychic in California Psychics

We had a top 10 list for before, now we are going to take a close look at Psychic Jean who was born into a family that has been psychic for generations, including clairvoyant, empathic, and spiritual healers. Our research shows that Jean joined California Psychics in 2009 and has received more than 1100 customer testimonials that’s the no.1 position on this psychic network. On average,¬†she gets 24 customer reviews each month.

Her first review was made by a customer from London on March 18, 2009:

I would like to recommend Jean. She was quick, honest and very accurate.

Since then she has got her momentum and earned more and more real customer reviews. We randomly take one from each year like below:

K.A., Far Rockaway, January 18, 2010
I’ve read with jean a few times and she is beyond good! She leaves you feeling hopeful — no, hopeful doesn’t do it justice. She leaves you knowing — not believing in whats he says or guessing about what you think. She gives you a sense of calmness and strength. She’s your mom away from mom. She’s full of wisdom and I’ve seen immediate action after speaking with her. She prayed for me — that was beyond her scope. I love her, and I’m not saying that lightly either.

Sandra, Lancaster, March 10, 2011
Jean relieved my fears about my friend. She knew things about me that only I would know without having told her. I hope she’s right in her predictions about me and my friend which may occur towards the end of this year or first of next year. She told me how he was to a tee when we first met and how much he did love me. I will have to call her soon because I forgot to ask her about my son. She was straightforward and to the point. Thanks Jean!!!

Anonymous, September 18, 2012
Jean was amazing! She went to work as soon as I said my name. She confirmed things that other physics said and she immediately started giving me dates for things to come. She described me very well. I truly can say that she is a blessing and talk about gifted! I called about a relationship and she answered that and told me everything else without me asking. Thank you jean so much for your gift I feel like she truly guided me. Will call again.

Jennifer, Atlanta, January 12, 2013
Jean is quick and funny and very genuine. She picked up on a lot of P’s personality traits and the situation in general. She was positive we are soul connected and that he will be back, as many other CP’s have predicted. She made me laugh because the way she receives messages from her guides gets her very excited, when she feels she’s really on to something. I look forward to letting her know when the predictions come to pass.

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