Psychic Power Network Review

Psychic Power Network (short for PPN) is a psychic network in the country. Today we are going yo review this website to see if it’s a real deal for a psychic reading.

Cheap Introductory Offer

We think the most attractive part in PPN is their introductory offer: 10 minutes for $1.95 or 5 minutes for $0.99. Of course, their flat rate is $1.99 a minute, that’s a cheap one as well compared with most other famous psychic networks.

Who’s PPN

Our review didn’t find much useful information about this psychic network, because it’s not clear in their “About Us” page, as shown in the snap shot below:

ppn psychic power network

How to Contact PPN

Because we didn’t find useful information about PPN in their “About Us” page, we moved to their “Contact Us” page. They can be reached by phone or email. However there is no physical office address, even a P.O. box to reach them.

contact ppn

Satisfaction Guarantee

PPN has satisfaction guarantee, as quoted below:

If you are not satisfied with your initial 5 or 10 minute promotional call or your initial 4 minute promotional chat, please contact our customer service department at 1-877-870-7927 and we will replace your promotional minutes within 48 business hours.

Please read carefully about their fine print:

This is a first-time customer, one-time only offer. If you add any regularly priced paid minutes to your initial psychic reading or to a subsequent psychic reading, open multiple accounts, do not know your User Name, your e-mail address is invalid or your account is not in good standing, this offer is void.

How about PPN Psychics

We do believe there are some gifted psychics in this network, but what we do not like is that there are so many psychics with no real photo about themselves. For example, we randomly clicked one page (page 8 this time) in their psychic directory, there are 10 in 15 psychics with photos like below:

ppn psychic reading

We also found the similar situation in other psychic networks. That’s not good, and we don’t recommend anybody to try any psychics like this. As for this concern, we do recommend people to take a look at Psychic Access, or California Psychics. At these two psychic networks, you can not only see their real profile photos, but also watch them in video before you purchase a private reading.


Psychic Power Network (PPN) has almost the cheapest promotional offer in the industry. You can have a try if price is your most important concern. However, there is lack of important information about this network on their website. We suggest that it’s better to compare with at least other three networks before you make any decision.

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