Top 10 Psychics in AskNow Psychic Network

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asknow psychic networkAskNow is one of the best psychic networks in the nation. In order to help you find the most popular psychics in this network, we went through their website and complied the following top 10 list for your reference.

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PSYCHIC D ANNE from asknow psychic networkPsychic D Anne has been a psychic/hypnotherapist for over 15 years and has read for people all over the world. She is a certified hypnotherapist, and a dream analyst as well which can be incorporated into a reading. She has received hundreds of thousands of 5 star ratings.

Many people appreciated her readings, like the one below:

5 Star Rating

Spoke to D Anne Monday evening – I was really very impressed with this reading. D Anne got right to the heart of my situation without me even having to speak about it. When I did ask specific questions and address concerns – the answers she gave me were very insightful and some of it actually reinforced what my intuition was telling me. I don’t think she was telling me stuff that I “only wanted or needed to hear” – She predicted a couple of things that I really would like to see happen and gave me some solid advice as well. She has a super kind way and I get a sense that she may be the real deal here. I’m hoping so. Great reading. Thank you so much.

PSYCHIC QUASHA from asknow psychic networkPsychic Quasha is a 4th generation intuitive & medium, BA & over 10 yrs experience in counseling, lifelong student of spirituality & life coaching.

The following is a comment from her customer:

5 Star Rating

Hello Quasha, this is Pankaj and I’m really glad for the reading you gave me last night. I have completely run out of minutes, I knew we were supposed to talk today as you would guide me through a meditation session with you’re spiritual guides that will help guide me in terms of goals, better financial decisions and finding a permanent love or soulmate. Can you please schedule a time and offer me free minutes, as now I’ve got to wait quite a few months dear to build up my time and minutes. Please give me a schedule time for our meditation with our spiritual guides. I certainly hope you will communicate with you’re spiritual source and do the same. THANK YOU!

psychic Intuitive Amy from asknow psychic networkIntuitive Amy has studied Astrology for 24 years,
Tarot for over 10 year, Numerology and dream Interpretation for 9 years, and Birth Chart Interpretation and Chart Construction for 6 years.

You can listen to what her customers said like below:

5 Star Rating

Hi Amy! Great talking to you today. What a wonderful weekend it was…a lot of relaxing and a lot of work got done. I love weekends like that. I know you see me possibly seeing R. Next Monday night is college night and the daughter is coming. I told her I would walk around with her. I wonder if he will come. It is been almost 2 years Amy…since I really saw him face to face and up close. I have had some sightings in the car and such…but that is about it. I look way different…long hair now- I wonder what he will think. It is the weirdest bittersweet feeling. I don’t want him back in my life on many levels…but, there are times I think about all our long talks and I long for one of them. We talked so easily and about so many subjects. I have heard nothing from the sister in 5 weeks now. That is kind of weird…I pray that she is doing well. Talk to you very soon. I hope you get a breather Amy!

PSYCHIC SANDY FREE SPIRIT from asknow psychic networkPsychic Sandy Free Spirit is an experienced tarot reader for over 20 years. As a young girl she realized she had been blessed with a wonderful gift.

One of comments she received is as below:

5 Star Rating

I want to thank you for your time and insight. The good news you spoke about did not happen, but I have seen a change for the positive so that in itself is good news to me. I can only hope that the other events you spoke of happen as well and within the time frame you mention. I strongly feel that you are right and that it will happen. You have given me a reason to push forward with my desires in hope that it all falls into place where it should be and like you said it will. I guess time will tell for now. Again, thank you.

Psychic Uriel is a Psychic Uriel from asknow psychic networkspiritual counselor advisor for more than 20 years. He is also a certified psychic and channel of the spiritual world.

The following is from one of his customers:

5 Star Rating

Hi Uriel! Thank you SO MUCH for the great exercise tonight! Also, for everything else we discussed, and yes, I looked up the words you told me too, lol. You give me homework no matter what, but I love that! Keep it coming!! Can’t wait for tomorrow, if time and God allows! You are such a blessing in my life! Thank you sweetheart, ttyl, love as always,Kathy

PSYCHIC TWILIGHT4EVER from asknow psychic networkPsychic Twilight4ever has been a highly regarded Master Psychic for more than 10 years and a former Zodiac columnist for a well known national newspaper. She specializes in Love Relationships, Astrology, Dream Analysis, Past Lives, Money & Finances, and Careers & Goals.

One of her customers commented below:

5 Star Rating

Wow. Thank you thank you thank you. Twilight is actually an angel:) She is very uplifting. I enjoy every time we talk. Call her and be amazed. She tunes in to the situation quickly. Twilight you are great and I will speak with you later. I’m very excited about my reading. Be expecting my call.

PSYCHIC MARY ELSIE from asknow psychic networkPsychic Mary Elsie has more than 20 years of experiences, she is a Love and Relationship Expert, Master Psychic, Expert Tarot Reader.

Her advice is clear and to the point, as one of her customers commented below:

5 Star Rating

This was my second reading. My first was beyond disappointing as I was given very vague information from another psychic. I thought I would give it one more chance.

Mary Elsie was awesome! She gave me a lot of things to think about in my situation. Waiting to see what happens with some of her predictions. Thanks Mary Elsie, I will be contacting you again.

PSYCHIC MICHAEL SKY from asknow psychic networkPsychic Michael Sky is a powerful, natural-born clairvoyant, psychic medium. He is also a very strong EMPATH.

One of his customers wrote something about his reading as below:

5 Star Rating

Michael is my most trusted advisor. This month marks one year since we have started working together. His advice has always been spot on. His predictions, from the last time we spoke in June, came through just a few weeks ago. My life has improved tremendously since I started taking his advice. My only complaint is that this website has had a lot of technical problems in the recent month which has prevented me from being able to have my monthly reading with him. But Michael’s insights, knowledge, and advice cannot be surpassed. Thank you, Michael, for all you have done to assist me on my journey.

Psychic Rosie from asknow psychic networkPsychic Rosie started Counseling spiritually at the age of twelve. She is a third generation Psychic in her family unit and since that age she has been counseling professionally.

She always got 5 star rating from her customers, like the one below:

5 Star Rating

Hello Rosie you truly are an amazing person. Rosie its so hard to mask the pain everyday, am so depressed it feels like if life has to be so painful then why live it. I am hoping that you can help me snap out of this. Please keep me and JA in your thoughts and meditations, keep him safe and let him know that I love him more everyday, I feel his pain and loss and I knew once I got to know him that I wanted to be like him. Why he married the wrong girl who has hurt a beautiful sole I cant comprehend. He deserved so much better. I have grown so found of you Rosie, you don’t know how much I hate hanging up the phone. I will be in touch. You are a blessing. Take care.

PSYCHIC STARLIGHT ROSE from asknow psychi networkPsychic Starlight Rose will help you find what the universe holds for you. Astrology, Tarot, Crystal Meditation and Dreamwork all help her find the answers you seek. She will help you see what blocks your progress, and discover your inner power and transform your life.

See what her customer said about her below:

5 Star Rating

Felt very comfortable talking with Starlight Rose, I will definitely call her again. She gave me a lot to look for in the near future and some great advice on how to deal with some of the things that will be happening. She was great and I felt good after talking with her.

The above is our list of Top 10 psychics in AskNow. We will update our list according to real customers feedback from time to time. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We also encourage you to read more from their official website by clicking on the banner below or give them a call directly: 1-888-502-4999.