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Keen Psychic Review

keen psychic readingIs Keen a reputable psychic network? Are their psychic readings accurate? Do they get many customer complaints or ripoff reports? This Keen Psychic Review will try to give you some ideas before you talk to any of their advisors.

Established in 1999, Keen was a leading psychic network in the country. Due to there is no psychic screening process, they have a large amount of psychics listed in their directory. However we do recommend people to get a psychic reading from psychic networks with screening process, like Psychic Source or Ask Now.

According to our research, there was a clear statement at Keen’s homepage: “ is an AT&T intellectual property” in the past. We don’t know when this statement was removed.

Another problem we found is that their website hasn’t updated for a while. For example, they still keep the outdated “Celebrating 13 years” promotion on their homepage that happened in 2012.

keen websiteIn another word, it seems there is no more efforts made on their website. Now we take a look at their BBB rating and complaints report.

keen psychic reading bbb complaintsThere is no rating for at this time, and there were 11 complaints reports in the past three years. If you search Keen in Ripoff reports, you may find more information about this Company or their advisors.

We would say that you may find good psychic readers over there if you are lucky, but be cautious of scam artists with fake profiles. As mentioned before, our review suggest you to try psychic networks that have screening process for accuracy and authentication. In addition to Psychic Source, Ask Now, other choices include Psychic Access, California Psychics.

As a best practice, try a free reading first, for instance, free psychic reading by email from Or you can try their $10 for 10 minutes limited time offer, call 1.855.263.2439.

Hope you find this Keen Psychic Review helpful. You are welcome to leave you review below for Keen Psychics if you have something to say about them.

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