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California Psychics Review

Compared with all psychic websites, California Psychics is definitely one of the best. Our California Psychics review will focus on how they choose their psychics, how about their quality of psychic reading, what is their satisfaction guarantee and how about their customer service, etc.

Psychic Screening: Only 2% Accepted

As you may know that there is no screening process at all for many psychic networks, like Keen Psychics where anybody can register to be a psychic virtually. But in California Psychics, that’s not easy to become a member of their psychic community. All of their psychics are handpicked by their Psychic Management Department, which screens and tests each applicant for accuracy, professionalism, compassion and the desire to help customers. Only 2 in 100 who apply make it through their screening process!

By doing so, they seek out the most qualified and gifted psychics throughout the country, and thus make sure you will feel uplifted and empowered to conquer whatever the future may bring from your reading with their psychics. People say they are a positive guide to your future.

Satisfaction Guarantee: The Best or Free

In case you are not satisfied with your reading, California Psychics offers a guarantee on your most recent paid reading.What you have to do is contact their customer service within 24 hours of the reading in question. They will credit your account in California Psychics dollars for an amount based on your reading length and circumstances, so that you can try other psychics.

By the way, their Customer Service team is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can talk to them anytime you want. We think that’s the best service you can have in this industry.

Beautiful Blog and Free Services

California Psychics has the most beautiful blog in psychic reading field which is updated daily. Their psychics write thoughtful posts for Astrology & Numerology, Career & Work, Deceased Loved Ones, Destiny/Life Path, Dreams, Love & Relationships, Mind, Body & Spirit, Money & Finance, Pets and Animals, Spirituality, Tarot, Oracle and Angels.

In addition to articles, they have video channel for you to know more about their psychics before you buy a private reading. You can get free psychic advice and life coaching through these videos even if you don’t need a paid reading. We think that’s one reason why more than 24, 000 people like California Psychics on Facebook.

California Psychics: free psychic advice

Introductory Offer: $1 A Minute to Start

Based on our above review, if you feel like to talk to one of their gifted psychics, you can start with their introductory offers as below:

california psychics promotional offer

You can choose either $10 for 10 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes which is up to 80% save. In the first step on their introductory offer page, you can select any psychic to move on if you don’t find anyone you like at this moment, because that’s only a process for you to grab this promotion, and you can talk to any psychic later.

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