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Best Psychics on California Psychics Top 10 List

California Psychics is one of the best networks to find advisors for a psychic reading. But many people are wondering who are the best psychics on California Psychics. Bases on our new research, we will share our results here.

We use two ways to compile our TOP10 list. The first is by numbers of customer reviews a psychic has received. The following is our list and a special introductory offer page. You can talk to their psychic at $1 a minute rate for up to 30 minutes.

Psychic Joined Year (first customer review received) # of Customer Reviews
Psychic Jean 2009-03-18 1084
Psychic Jacqueline 2006-10-11 671
Psychic Gina Rose 2006-10-23 576
Psychic Anasela 2009-04-18 555
Psychic Phillip 2006-11-25 544
Psychic Leo 2010-02-11 504
Psychic Teva 2009-04-04 497
Psychic Kelli 2009-03-15 478
Psychic Nevaeh 2009-08-04 478
Psychic Liam 2005-09-16 464

For instance, Psychic Jean got her first customer review on March 18, 2009, which is as below:

I would like to recommend Jean. She was quick, honest and very accurate.

As of the date we did our research, the total reviews for her is 1084. That’s the no.1. The 10th is Psychic Liam, 464 reviews he got so far. There is a featured review for him:

Liam continues to be stellar in his wisdom and guidance. I’ve had the privilege of reading with him as he’s guided me through my 5 year relationship from the very start and has given me valuable tools to work with. He has a unique way of seeing things. Sensitive and funny! He knows what’s really going on, despite appearances. He is refreshing! I continue to grow personally as well, discovering and embracing my inner Goddess. God bless you Liam!

psychic liam from california psychics

The 2nd way is by the average numbers of reviews they received monthly. We think this will help better understand how each psychic perform independent of when they joined the network. The list is below.

Psychic Joined Year (first customer review received) Average # of Customer Reviews Monthly
Psychic Megan 2012-03-14 25
Psychic Elliot 2012-12-16 24
Psychic Jean 2009-03-18 24
Psychic Leslie 2012-05-01 22
Psychic Pilar 2012-04-23 21
Psychic Indio 2011-09-19 15
Psychic Leo 2010-04-11 14
Psychic Eve 2010-04-27 14
Psychic Shelby 2012-05-02 13
Psychic Nicolina 2012-04-17 13

The above are our two different lists of best psychics on California Psychics. However it’s for your reference. You can go to their website to compare styles, tools and feedback from other customers to see which psychics might be best for you. They have more than 300 psychics currently, so you can definitely find the best match for your specific interests. Any psychic out of our lists can be fantastic, because that’s a personal decision.

All in all, California Psychics is a 5 star rating network. Read our California Psychics Review for further information or visit the link below to visit their official website directly. Hope our top 10 list helpful for you.

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